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Remove The Rule ... Ask 4 Tip get Ban


Remove Bullshit Ask for a tip get ban rule  

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  1. 1. Remove Bullshit Ask for a tip get ban rule

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    • No
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Ridiculous. people get already the option to block if the need of harassment or bother is affecting them that much . 


Reality is they have this feature why ? when no one cares to even engage upon one another. 


I mean why not be able to ask for tip 


it would engage people to trust one other by equally sharing to and from one another and build stronger trust relationship and accreditation.


Or create a lend and send back system that some can use.



Cause Ive been here much time and no one randomly has yet to send me a tip unless i do ask for it.




And fuck the ones who keep talking as if they are higher then someone else. 


Were all equal and shouldnt be divided especially by digital money 



Lame ...



Kindness for all 


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Nope, I don't think that's a positive thing. Ask for TIP = permanent ban.

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