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Better reporting to User for initial 10$ bcd unlock


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I dont know how many times a day I hear people asking about the unlock of bcd. Maybe they are just playing dumb I am not sure. But I know that it would be helpful even for those if us who know the unlock rate, if there was a total left needed to wager value so that you knew how close you are to unlocking the initial 10 bcd each time. 

Yes I know you say how much has been unlocked. But since you added the 10 bcd minimum. I feel it's also on you guys to make it more clear how much wagering is left required out of the initial 4k needed.  You guys have that value anyway just put it on the screen for users to be able yo check. As a bonus I would be willing to bed that those close to that amount would wagger more just to finish it off if they didn't have to waste time doing the math themselves.

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