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Warning! Kindly avoid all kinds of Bots, Auto Grabbers Usage to Protect your Funds and Account.


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At BC.GAME, we strictly condemn all kinds of Bot Usage. We officially do not have any Bot for any purpose on our platform. If you come across a Bot or Script or Auto-Grabber, they are offered by third parties. We have come across countless cases where people lost thousands of dollars by using such unwanted tools out of their greed.



When you Gamble for fun, it's all good. When greed comes into play, and you push yourself to do some unwanted activities, it comes with a high price. 

  1. Do not use any kind of Bots for betting. 
  2. Do not use any kind of third party scripts.
  3. If you are using script for Crash, do it only when you have a full understanding of what's happening.
  4. Do not use or buy scripts/tools that can auto grab or auto claim. In the majority of the cases, we have seen such tools come with malware injected into them to steal your funds.

Consequences of such activities:

1. Hacking: We have seen numerous cases of funds being withdrawn and stolen without the users permission. We won't be able to help such scenarios as the funds are being stolen by users negligence and greed. Make sure you always enable 2FA. However, using such tools, is harmful even if you have 2FA enabled.

2. Account Lock: Some users deliberately use these scripts despite all the risk involved out of greed to auto grab various freebies on our platform. We are aware of such things and such accounts will be locked eventually. It's not worth anyone's time to do such unwanted activities.

Do let us know your view on this topic in your comments below.

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