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After a month, finally, for reasons that cannot be said, they had to reopen my account, and I was able to withdraw my deposit, and I am very, very happy that I will no longer pay a single cent, deposit, or bet on this site. They didn't deposit any monthly or weekly bonus. They are VIP hosts with bc ninja account. They didn't answer my questions and they didn't even pay attention to my request to change viphost. The overall result is that I am very happy that I am no longer on this site and after several years without any fraud and I will play in a fair environment and on a site that does not only think about its own interests. This site will not be my last choice among all online sites. I wish you all success. Be careful of this site in every second, they will stab you in the back and in a moment and very surprisingly, in a strange way that you will never believe, and it is very, very, very ridiculous and shameful. And they will be surprised that you will be very shocked. Take care of yourself and be successful bye  all 

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