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eSports | Team Liquid x MOUZ  - Nov 05 | 15:15 UTC


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Game info Team Liquid x MOUZ 


Team Liquid and MOUZ will compete this Saturday, November 5, in Swiss round 1 of the IEM Rio Major 2022 Legends Stage. After a great campaign in the RMR of the Americas, Team Liquid got a direct spot for this tournament stage. On the other hand, the German organization MOUZ managed to advance from the Challengers Stage with three wins and no defeats. As it is not considered a knockout or qualifying round, Swiss Round 1 is played in MD1 (best of a map) format. The match is scheduled to take place at 15:15 UTC.


How IEM Rio Major 2022 works


In principle, the IEM Rio Major 2022 is a competition that will bring together all the best teams in the world in search of the most coveted title in CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), the Major. The tournament will start at the Challengers Stage. In this stage, the games take place in the Swiss format. That is, the winners face each other, and the losers also face each other. In the next phase, called Legends Stage, the Challengers Stage qualifiers join the 8 Legends teams of the competition, which were the teams that passed with the best placement in the RMR.


Finally, the last phase is called the Champions Stage, which works like a knockout. The eight best teams face each other until the tournament's grand champion is defined. All games in this phase will be in MD3 (best of three maps). The prize pool for the IEM Rio Major 2022 is US$1.250.000, which will be distributed to the best place: first place will receive US$500.000, second place will take home US$170.000, third and fourth will with a prize pool of $80.000 each.


Team Liquid

At first, the Team Liquid team appeared in this clash after reaching the classification with a good performance in the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Americas RMR, where they managed to advance with four wins and no defeats. Before analyzing the North American organization's campaign in the European RMR, it is worth noting the team's intentions at the Legends Stage. Since the young and skilled player Mareks "YEKINDAR" Galinskins was added to the line-up, the performances and results of the squad are increasingly positive, having a significant improvement compared to the results of the first half of this year.


In their IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe Americas RMR campaign, they managed to advance with four wins and no losses. Along the way, they started winning the first two rounds against the Brazilian teams of Team One and MIBR, respectively. In the third and qualifying round, they beat their compLexity compatriots by two maps to one. In the fourth round, they fought for the spot in the Legends Stage against Evil Geniuses, where they again prevailed, this time by two maps to one, and managed to be the only organization in the Americas to get a spot in the most advanced phase of the Major.



On the other hand, the MOUZ team appears in this confrontation after reaching the classification with an excellent performance in the Challengers Stage, where they managed to advance with three wins and no defeats. Before analyzing the campaign of the German organization in the first phase, it is worth saying what the intentions are for the Legends Stage. With good performances in their last appearances, to be more exact, since the entry of the young Israeli player Dorian "exertion" Berman, it would not surprise me to see them in the next phase (Champions Stage), even if they are not one of the favorites to advance through the houses of betting.


In their campaign through the Challengers Stage, they managed to advance with three wins and no losses. In their no-casualty campaign, they started by easily beating the Outsiders Russians by 16×8. They had more difficulty hitting the North Americans of Evil Geniuses in the sequence by 16×11. In the third and decisive round, they faced the Swedish organization of Fnatic in the best-of-three, where they lost the first map but managed to turn the series into two maps to one.

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