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I've vented in discord and now feel the need to vent here seeing how I'm not the only upset over the handing of Halloween.

Per the thread in the Halloween section we were suppose to see a special code for Halloween.  To not only have it come very late past Halloween time, but also only be good for 10 users.

BC totally dropped the ball on Halloween this year and it totally shows how the promotions department clearly has no budget to spend.  Otherwise they would have matched competitor sites dollar for dollar on giving us a proper Halloween present.

How can BC even claim there competitive bonus wise and claim they are the most generous.  When they can't even do a proper Halloween bonus drop to at least all VIPs who deposit and play on the regular.

I'm not sure how much longer I wish to continue as a depositor if BC can't give us a proper holiday gift that I don't have to go fighting other users over for just to give a $5 or less present from BC.  Especially when my average Halloween gift elsewhere was easily $20 and up.

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