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eSports | OG x IHC Esports - Nov 02 | 14:00 UTC


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Game info OG x IHC Esports


OG and IHC Esports will compete this Wednesday, November 2, in the Swiss round 4 of the IEM Rio Major 2022 Challengers Stage. Losing the opportunity in the last round to win despite having several chances, the OG team, one of the favorites for the spot in the Legends Stage, will have a difficult mission from now on. On the other hand, the Mongols managed to surprise the home team (00Nation) and continue searching for an unprecedented classification. As a round that will eliminate the tournament's loser, Swiss Round 4 1-2 (1 loss and 2 wins) will be played in the MD3 format (best of three maps). The match is scheduled to take place at 14:00 UTC.

How the IEM Rio Major 2022 works


In principle, the IEM Rio Major 2022 is a competition that will bring together all the best teams in the world in search of the most coveted title in CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), the Major. The tournament will start at the Challengers Stage. In this stage, the games take place in the Swiss format. That is, the winners face each other, and the losers also face each other. In the next stage, called Legends Stage, the Challengers Stage qualifiers join the 8 Legends teams of the competition, which were the teams that passed with the best placement in the RMR.


Finally, the last phase is called the Champions Stage, which works like a knockout. The eight best teams face each other until the tournament's grand champion is defined. All games in this phase will be in MD3 (best of three maps). The prize pool for the IEM Rio Major 2022 is US$1.250.000, which will be distributed to the best place: first place will receive US$500.000, second place will take home US$170.000, third and fourth will with a prize pool of $80.000 each.



Initially, the OG team appeared in this match after losing the Swiss round 3 of the IEM Rio Major 2022 Challengers Stage against Furia. Before analyzing the last round of the Europeans, it is worth remembering how they acted in Swiss round 2. Facing Fnatic in the mirage, they started losing even though they were on the favorable side of the map (terrorist) by the minimum difference of rounds (7×8). In the second half, they couldn't close the gap and remained at a disadvantage until the end of the duel, where they ended up defeated by 13×16 in the sum of the times.


In the last match, they faced the Brazilians from Furia on the overpass map and ended up losing the second in a row. In the first half, even winning on the counter-terrorist side, they didn't make a good defensive side since the minimum round advantage (8×7) is considered low on this map. However, they managed to equalize the score in the second half, leading to overtime. In extra time, they took the worst against the best team in Brazil, losing on aggregate by 16×19.


IHC Esports

On the other hand, the IHC Esports team appears in this clash after winning Swiss round 3 of the IEM Rio Major 2022 Challengers Stage against 00Nation. Before analyzing the last round of the Asian organization, it is worth remembering how they acted in Swiss round 2. Facing the Outsiders in the overpass, they started with an excellent terrorist side, winning six rounds on the map's unfavorable (terrorist) side. However, they also made a wrong defensive side again, leaving many gaps and being defeated by 12×16 on aggregate.


In the last match, they faced the Brazilian team of 00Nation in an MD3 (best of three maps) eliminatory. In the first map, they took the worst in the choice of their opponents, losing the ancient by 14×16. However, in the following maps, they showed incredible resilience and ample firepower in all their players, winning in double 19×16 partials in overtime on the inferno and overpass maps, respectively.

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