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Sca on gamem


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Is it possible that every bet, no matter how much or how little, was a loser in any case? Why don't you pay attention to the players' comments at the end of your ridiculous games?  How much money did he deposit to fill up my account? How much more profit will it make for you to reduce ridiculous and childish frauds? Don't be so stupid that you think others are stupid like you and don't insult others' intelligence.how much???

For example How is it possible to lose 100 bets with a low risk limit in Plinko and all balls fall at 0.2, what a ridiculous and ridiculous fraud. Or you can see 1.00 1.00 1.06 1.03  1.1 and when your balance reach minimum you see 1200 or 100.23 very fuuny cheap and fake game what do you think about us

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