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minimum bet possible is .10 but screenshot says .9



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I would say that to your point, when it comes to meeting the requirements of a contest, the moderators/admins are aware of how bets appear and would be more surprised if they disqualified you. In other words, you should be fine and chances are it's a result of the high fluctuations and volatility of the crypto market that, for a brief moment or at the exact moment of placing a bet, the value might've made it round down for a split second when reducing decimal places and appear as being 0.01 short of 0.10 but I had a similar situation where I, for sure placed a 0.15 bet to meet the minimum requirements of a contest, but in the bet slip, it showed as 0.14, I took a screenshot of the game having 0.15 entered in the bet amount upon victory to prove I didn't change it, but in the end they didn't disqualify me and I'm sure they're aware of it so you should be fine.

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