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Glitch concerning bet size. ( Challenge related )


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Hi there

@NiobiumI'd like to have your help on this.

When doing vip challenge the min bet size is 0.15 ( for original games )

So I go to limbo this week and choose 0.15 BCD bet ) but in history it shows 0.14 BCD bets... I checked and it's actually 0.149... I don't explain it. I had the same glitch with ETh and I thought it could be due to coin price variance, but with BCD it shouldn't happen as 1 BCD = 1 USD.

For next time I'll know I have to choose 0.151 bet size I guess. But I just hope my bounty entry will be counted as valid , can you confirm it ? 

I post bet link and screenshot below




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  • Event Team


Don't worry, as long as the other requirements are followed, bets with equivalent amounts are accepted normally.

Note that it is still considered $0.15 even if the quote varies a little, since we created the BCD coin based on a Stable Coin, however not tradable on the market.

Thanks for your sincere question, and best of luck playing!

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