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My plinko is broken and something needs to be fixed


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Now I try my hardest to put in the front of my mind that everything at BC Game is provenly fair. 

But I do have quite a few doubts when it comes to plinko. I really like to play plinko, something about it is kinda calming. When I play on plinko. I always try to bet at least 1 dollar or higher just in case for those big multis. I only ever play on high with either 14, 15, or 16 tiers. 

what I have noticed when I play is that throughout sending 100,000 plinko balls down the pyramid (yes I said 100 thousand plinko balls, no joke) I have only hit 420x 1 time. I’ve hit 620x 1 time. And I have never out of 100,000 balls have hit 1000x. Now like I said I try to remember that everything is provenly fair. 

but please tell me how out of that many balls and the probability you have on hitting 1000x that I haven’t hit 1000x at least one time by now. It honestly does not add up because statically and  mathematically, I should have hit it at least twice by now. (And that’s low balling it) But i haven’t even gotten 1 time.

it just can not be provenly fair to not have at least hit 1000x 1 time. Which honestly is starting to make me stay away from bc game altogether. Because if plinko can’t even hit 1000x 1 time. Then there’s no point in continuing to try to get a high multi on any other game because it will be impossible. 

i don’t mean to bash BC in anyway. And hate to use the word “but” after saying that. But…. Like it’s a little ridiculous. 

i honestly feel like I should receive the biggest loser metal on BC because I don’t know one other player at BC that has dropped 100,000 plinko balls without getting 1000x at least once. Moderators and owner of bc. Please consider at least giving me that metal. Considering the amount of loss trying to hit 1000x just that 1 time. 

Yours truly, DaMiEnNn


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