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SPORTS ERROR cost me Money.


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About 12 hours ago BC sports had maintenance, But before the maintenance I had put a $1.25 USD Parlay bet. That parlay was a 236.00 odds parlay. 4/7 hit so far it now has a $44 cash out but Im 99% sure my cashout would only be 44 Doge coins (actually only about $2USD) When I place the bet it was before the maintenance. When the maintenance finished all my bets where gone and disappeared So I placed another bet this time the Money sign "$" had changed to the Doge icon. My guess is the sports book tried to change the Money sign to a doge coin but it had not updated for all of use correctly. I Taught my bets size where all in USD not Doge size.

I have this all on video when I realized the error. Can any one help out? can this be reverse to USD what I initially taught I was betting? I would never bet only 1.25 doge coin this was obviously a fault from the website. If anyone can help out. 

I Had other issues in the past where I Place a bet and it gives me an error so i place it again which ends up double betting. This time it robbed me from a huge payout (Like I said I have a "$44.00" USD Cashout which is not 


Bet id: 






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@m10x  The fiduciary view is presented once you have activated it! You can toggle it on and off at https://bc.game/setting/general - that said, your bet ID 2191884376260878451, despite having entered the amount of 1.25 USD the amount deducted from your account was only 1.25 DOGE , which is equivalent to about 0.075 ~ 0.09 USD - if you look closely at the video attached to your post you can verify that it was the exact amount deducted from your balance! You can also check the 1.25 DOGE deduction on your Bill: wallet > transactions > bill - you will see that the bet was placed on 12/10/2022 08:30 UTC

As for not displaying the bets you can try the following: Ctrl + F5, alternatively you can also Clear your browser 'Cache and Cookies > Refresh the page > Login' and it should display everything normally.

If the display error persists or if you want additional information, please visit our live support and we will do a more extensive analysis of your case. Have a great day ahead and good luck!!!

You can visit support at: https://help.bc.game or https://support.bc.game 

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think you completely cant understand my issue with this, The Site has always bein 1.25$=1.25 USD

That day BC tried to switch from using USD to using the crypto currency I Can see when i bet the 1.25 it only took away .07 From my balance. Which made me confuse. I've had other issues where i get an error trying to put a bet in When i try again it said I bet twice. 


First this is wrong I tried the clearing cookie and the site never fixed. It had nothing to do with cookies it was a error on the bc website. And second since when did bc.game let you bet less then $0.10, My bet should have being 1.25$USD The fact that I did not get to put my actual bet size is just wrong is so many levels. 

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